Tarique Arsiwalla

Tarique Arsiwalla is Co-founder of Protix, the leading insect production company founded in 2009. The company produces proteins, lipids and other nutrients from insects. The insects are grown on food leftovers. By doing so, insects contribute to creating a circular food system where food leftovers are re-used in predominatly animal feed applications. Protix serves a variety of markets, including poultry, aquaculture, pork and pet food.

IPIFF is the umbrella organisaton of European insect producers with also observing members from outside the EU. The organisation developes legislation together with regulators. An important first breakthrough was achieved in 2016 when processed insect proteins have been approved by the European commission for use in aquaculture.


Tarique holds an MSc. In Mechanical engineering from Delft University of Technology. Having worked in structured finance for 5 years (ING), he continued his career at McKinsey & Company as engagement manager, responsible for projects focussing on emerging and high growth markets. In 2009 Tarique co-founded Protix.